Thanks for joining our family adventure!

Welcome to our family blog!  We are a family of four who have decided to take a break from the chaos of every day life and just enjoy some time as a family.  Over the next 6 months, our plan is to explore the beautiful United States as a family.  Our boys are at the perfect age to appreciate  what our county has to offer, and we have a rare opportunity to share it with them…

The ‘Public Blog’ page will talk mostly about what types of things we have seen, where we are headed, and pretty much an overview of what we are doing.  The ‘Family Moments’ page will be more of a personal documentation of some of our experiences. I anticipate it will be more of a journal-type of entry for me.  I hope you enjoy reading about our adventure and please feel free to comment and offer suggestions of places you think we shouldn’t miss!

Thanks for joining us!


27 thoughts on “Thanks for joining our family adventure!

  1. What a great adventure to take and bring the kids on!!! They will learn way more than being in school and it’s a trip of a lifetime!!! Of course I’m sure they have schoolwork but seeing our country is a wonderful learning experience!!

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  2. Hi! I’ve just seen this blog and it sounds amazing! I’m pretty sure this is the family blog related to Logan’s, right? Anyway, I’ve been following his posts for a while and I have to say it sounds like a pretty awesome idea and a once in a lifetime trip that you’re all on at the moment! I can’t wait to read more posts from you all 🙂

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          1. It is, it’s a really amazing idea that you came up with 🙂 and you should be so proud of Logan too, he is way beyond his years – I actually thought I was talking to a college student until I read his profile! haha

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  3. Light Ministry Blog

    What a great adventure for the lot of you! Thank you for liking one of my comments, that was very nice! Best of luck on your adventures!



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